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Golden Visa

We have a number of qualified Golden Visa properties throughout Portugal. Each property is turn-key and ready for you to move in or to immediately gain returns on the property as short -term rentals. All of our properties are:

  • Licensed for short-term rentals with a registered alojamento local (AL) number

  • Fully furnished

  • Supplied with a full set of luxury amenities including linens and dinnerware

  • Set in unique and one-of-a-kind locations

The properties are also being managed by a team of property managers. We can provide uninterrupted short-term rental service and management to help you receive immediate returns on the property.


Lastly, if desired, we can also connect you with our lawyers and partners to help with the Golden Visa process including opening bank accounts and obtaining your NIFs. As Golden Visa alumni, we know the challenges of purchasing properties and proceeding with the golden visa process from abroad. We're happy to assist in any way we can. 

Contact us for more information at

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